We are an all-volunteer group that seeks to explain to you - with facts - why grass and natural surfaces are the best choice - for financial, environmental and public health reasons. Our explanations address five major areas: cost, injury, heat, toxicity to environment, and toxicity to athletes, especially kids.


  • Raise awareness of the problems with artificial turf:
    • Higher costs to play on fake grass
    • Children playing in the elevated heat
    • Environmental concerns for the streams into which chemicals are washed
    • Waste tire infill is effectively a children's product but NOT regulated as a children's product
    • Athletes exposed to unknown levels of toxins and carcinogens
  • Get government regulation of shredded waste tire for sports fields and playgrounds
  • Provide the community with news, updated information, and resources for making informed decisions
  • Protect the safety and the finances of our local communities