Questions To Ask Policy Makers & Facility Managers

  • What is being done to maintain the current grass surface?
  • What grass fields with similar usage are being maintained successfully?
  • How can maintenance & management of the current grass field be improved?
  • How much will improved maintenance cost per year?
  • How much does synthetic field maintenance cost per year?
  • How much does synthetic field installation cost per year? (installation cost/years on warranty)
  • How much does removal and replacement of the synthetic field cost?
  • What is the cumulative cost per year of these expenses over the life cycle of a synthetic field? 
  • How does this cost compare to the cost per year of improving a natural field? (How much does improved maintenance and/or reinstallation of a better grass field cost in comparison to the installation, maintenance, repairs, removal, and replacement of a synthetic field for your school or region? [long term cost analysis] )

Questions to Ask Grass Installers & Turfgrass Maintenance Experts

  • What types of grass fields are there?
  • Which types can take the most use?
  • What types of maintenance are needed?
  • What are the costs of installation of a new field?
  • What are the costs for improved maintenance on the current field?