This section provides Fact Sheets to help explain the complex and complicated issues in clear and concise terms. 


--> Independent Science on Public Health Concerns Regarding Synthetic Turf - Grassroots Environmental Education

--> Brochure: 12 Reasons Why Synthetic Turf Fields Pose A Health Risk - EHHI (Environment & Human Health, Inc.)

--> Safe Healthy Playing Fields Coalition Information Sheet: Tire Crumb Toxicity (June 2017)

--> Artificial Turf: A Health-Based Consumer Guide (May 10, 2017) - Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center

--> Artificial Turf & Children's Health (June, 2017) - Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center

--> Natural Grass Athletic Fields (Benefits, Cost, and Maintenance) Powerpoint (2017) - Sports Turf Managers Association

--> Comparing Synthetic Turf and Plant Based Infills With Natural Grass (February 2017)

--> TURI Turf Fact Sheet (June 2016) - Toxic Use Reduction Institute

--> Health-Based Guide To Artificial Turf (Chemicals, Children’s Health, and Questions to Ask Turf Companies) (February 16, 2016) - Mount Sinai Children's Environmental Health Center

--> What to Know About Artificial Turf Fields - Mount Sinai Children's Environmental Health Center

--> CPSC, EPA & CDC on Artificial Turf Safety (July 2015) :  CPSC and EPA Retract Prior Assurances Regarding Artificial Turf; CDC Warnings for Artificial Turf Precautions & Lead Exposure Remain.

--> Fact Sheet: Crumb-Rubber Infilled Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields  (NY Department of Health) 

--> Fact Sheet: Costs, Health & Safety (March 7, 2013)

--> Synthetic Field Turf: Are The Benefits Worth the Environmental and Health Risks?

--> Recent Scientific Research (Lead, Toxicity, Carcinogens, Etc.) (February 2013)

--> Discussions and Solutions for Managing Natural Grass (June 5, 2013)

--> How Synthetic Turf Surfaces Contribute to Climate Change (Aug 1, 2013)

--> Comparing Natural & Synthetic Turf Fields (Maintenance, Cost, Disposal, Warranty, Player Injuries, and High Temperatures) (February 11, 2009) - Aaron Patton, University of Arkansas 

--> View More Fact Sheets At Synturf.org

Our thanks to Rebekah Thomson of Martha’s Vineyard MA for this compilation.